The Day He Turned Two

My Dearest Abram,

Can it really be true that two whole years have passed us by?  I’m looking at you this very moment and I see a curly haired little boy, blue and orange striped pajamas, and chocolate pop-tart crumbs all over your mouth.  You are carrying around a little Tigger, occasionally stopping to bounce him on the couch, the end table and chair.  You play quietly but give your toy of choice your full attention.  You are a boy of few words but you always find a way to let us know what you want.  You call me Mommy all of the time and what a joy that is for me to hear.  Your dependence on me is something worth celebrating and treasuring, for it won’t be long until you will be able to do everything for yourself.  I’m happy to change your diapers, put on your clothes, bathe you, prepare your meals, read you books, get you out of bed in the morning, cuddle and hug on you when your heart is broken.  No matter how big you get I will always be here to help heal your broken heart.

You have a tender heart and a sweet innocent soul.  I pray that God protects it.  You are still so small but already you console people that are hurting…I can’t tell you how many times your little kisses and sweet smiling face have made me feel better and turned my day around.

We have come a long way from the day you were born, even if it does feel not-so-long ago.  I am so blessed to be your mommy and I thank you for making me a better one.  I will never forget the day you entered into our lives or the first time I laid eyes on you.  It took your Dad and I awhile to agree on what to name you, although regardless of what your real name ended up being we have called you “little brother.”  Slowly we are all transitioning into calling you your real name, especially now that you aren’t just a little brother, but a big brother too!

Watching you become a big brother has been so wonderful for me.  You take so much interest in your little sister. Sometimes you will run across the room just to give her a kiss on the top of the head.  You always squeeze your eyes shut tight and hold the kiss for a couple of seconds…you really mean it and you really love her.  There is nothing in the world that compares to the overwhelming joy that comes from seeing my children love each other. And to think that God in heaven feels the very same about all of us.  His children.  Never stop loving on people my precious boy.  Your eternal reward will be greater than you can imagine.

I love you with all of my heart and pray that you continue to grow up healthy and strong.  It’s time to wrap this letter up – you have climbed up on to the kitchen counter and are raiding my stash of gummy bears!  This is the life of a two year old.

Love you forever and always,


Here is a look back at Abram’s life as a one year old…

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Michele Bail - Absolutely beautiful! What it will mean to him to read this later. It will be an absolute treasure.

Nicole Mehl - Thank you Michele 🙂

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