First Haircut

Last week we took Abram in for his first haircut.  For me it is always a hard decision to cut those sweet little baby locks…like it is somehow sealing the deal that my baby is no longer a baby.  And he isn’t, so I just need to face the facts.  I’m thinking I need to work on celebrating my kids growing up instead of dreading it.  Abram Mehl is now a boy.  A running, talking, playful little man.  Now with a stylish little hairdo.

All of these were taken with my new 35mm lens.  A few weeks ago I decided to sell my 70-200mm and 85mm,  – the more I shoot the more I realize that I like lenses with a wider view.  My 50mm was on my camera almost ALL of the time and I wanted to see what an even wider perspective would feel like.  So I welcomed the Canon 35mm lens into my life and I LOVE it.  It actually hasn’t left my camera since it arrived.  It was a great decision to let go of the two lenses that were collecting cobwebs in my lens bag for one that will get some really good use.

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Stacy N Kincaid - Oh my goodness! Look at him cry! So stinking cute!

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