Finding a Winter Wonderland

I have been working on waking up content every morning. Today was a test to that. I have been longing for spring and instead of hearing birds chirping and the sun shining we got a whole lot of snow dumped on us.  Not really what I had in mind but I just gotta roll with it I suppose! One thing that has been a help to me when things aren’t really going my way, or if I am having a difficult time being thankful is picking up my camera and trying to find beauty in something….anything! If you have spring fever like I do, maybe try taking a pretty picture of something today. It might help you to forget about the cold temperatures and snow outside or just be able to appreciate it. Maybe, just maybe!

And just because winter won’t be around for very much longer (at least I hope!) I will throw in a couple of sledding shots from December…

Stay warm wherever you are…or if you are feeling really adventurous, build a snow man!

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