Beauty All Around

May and June are just spectacular months.  Beauty is all around.  Green is everywhere and blooms are abound.  After going through these images and deciding what to post, I am just in awe of our Creator and the magnificent displays he paints for us, from flowers to sunsets and beyond.

Lilacs, peonies, roses…everyday it seems like something new is ready to show off for me.  And I gladly welcome the invitation to photograph these willing models!  Most exciting for me has been watching the roses I planted last year begin to bloom for the first time.  I have become addicted to garden roses, particularly David Austin roses.  Six new bushes went into the ground last year and this year I have planted eight more.  Photography has kind of consumed my passions over the last few years and it has been nice welcoming a new hobby into the mix…and photography and gardening really compliment each other nicely I think!  My husband has been busying himself with a vegetable garden.  He built two raised bed gardens and two planters – I cannot wait to see the fruits (and veggies!) of his labor!  I will be sure to get some photos of his garden once it begins to grow a bit more.  I hope everyone’s summer is off to an awesome start!  I know ours has been.  What a blessing to finally let the kids outside to play!  And the mild temperatures have been much appreciated after the hot summer we had last year.

Here is a random collection of images I have snapped over the last few weeks around my house.

Some new friends I picked up at the IMA Greenhouse on our most recent trip to Indy

The lilacs were spectacular this year, I just wished they lasted longer after you cut them!

Peonies are my forever favorite.  I just picked up a new variety at a garage sale this past Saturday, I felt like I hit the jackpot!

Here and gone way too fast…

We discovered this bird’s nest in one of our bushes in the front of the house.  Sadly, the eggs ended up disappearing.

Transformed this small area next to our porch into a rose garden.  Seven new bushes planted.  Still in need of some mulch.

I have a small area dedicated to perennials, it is growing larger and larger with each year that passes!

Climbing Eden, such an impressive climber.

Gentle Hermoine

More shots of the Eden rose…I planted these to mark the year of my daughter’s birth.  Such a lovely and romantic rose.

One of many spectacular sunsets…

And here are some of my iPhone favorites

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