A New Year { Keeping it Simple and Honest }

The end of another year has come.  Amazing to me as I look back to this time last year and think about how much has changed in my children. I know to say they “grow like weeds” and “time flies” is nothing you haven’t heard a thousand times before, but those phrases are truer than true.  Abram started the year with hardly any hair and had just started walking.  Right now he is about a whole head taller, runs everywhere and talks our ears off.  Asher has had obvious physical changes over the last year but the biggest changes by far have been in his communication and learning skills.  He operates the iPad like he invented the darn thing!  And he can tell us pretty much anything now, and for a parent that is huge.  There is so much frustration that comes along with not being able to communicate with your child and life gets so much easier once they can understand you and can get you to understand them.  Oh, and he is potty trained now…yippee!  Eden has only been here with us for one month and has already started transformations of her own.  She is plumping up nicely and with each day gets more and more alert.  Her smile is just the sweetest.  I am so beyond grateful to our good Lord for my three healthy and beautiful children.  They make my life rich.

Now from the business side of things my year was full of changes also.  I upgraded to the Canon 5D Mark III.  In April I opened a studio space called The Studio on Washington in downtown Goshen with a couple other wonderful local photographers (and lovely ladies that I now get to call friends!).  I love that space, what a huge blessing it has been for my business!  I added some new lenses to my arsenal (and parted with a couple as well).  I got this awesome new website/blog from Pretty Lovely Design and I think it is the cat’s pajamas.  The bulk of my work this year was dedicated to children and babies and I came to the realization that I need to drastically scale back on the amount of weddings I take on in the coming year.  It all comes down to time and I just don’t have enough of it!  I’m sure all of you working mommas out there can relate.

In the coming year I want to continue working towards achieving a more consistent feel to my work by really focusing on my subject, capturing real, authentic emotions and keeping it simple (and beautiful).  In my opinion, simplicity is the key to creating work that is truly classic and timeless.  I want to work less, but only in effort to learn as much as I can.  I can apply the theme of simplicity to my personal life also…live simply.  Buy less, give away more.  Cut out all of the extra “stuff” that takes time away from the most important things in my life.

The only other resolution I have for the coming year is to be more honest.  Honest in what I share here in my posts.  I have never been very good when it comes to putting myself out there, it makes me very nervous actually.  I fear people will think I’m weird, not intelligent, boring…it is so much easier if I just keep my thoughts to myself.  But I really think God is wanting me to change this about myself.  I am beginning to realize that the only real way to do His work is to be unafraid of what other people will think about you.  It’s time to just go for it.  So, you have been warned!  You might not always like what I have to say or the things that I post and that might cause you to not like me as a person and I have to be okay with that.  Honestly?  Just typing that was hard.

I was going to put together a nice slideshow of my favorite images of the year to include in this post, but in getting this new website ready over the last few weeks, I pretty much did just that and you can view them all in my Portfolio slideshows if you would like!  Happy last day of 2012!  I wish you the most blessed year of your life in 2013.

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Nicole - Happy New Year to you and Luke! I just love keeping up with all of the updates on your house…beautiful all you have done!

Jessica Danielle Adkins - Happy New Year, Nicole! Your words are so true about those kiddos growing like weeds, it’s awesome and heart breaking at the same time. At least for me and my own! Kudos to you on being able to raise 3 little ones and still follow your passion. You using the phrase “cats pajamas” makes me believe we could be good friends LOL! There’s my honest reply to your post, I will gladly join you in being more honest in 2013 🙂

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