The Workshops at the Studio on Washington

I am so excited to announce the beginning of a new venture for the Studio on Washington! I share a studio in downtownView full post »

A New Direction

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the direction I would like to take with this blog.  In the past I haveView full post »

The Fear Within

I struggle daily with fear.  Fear of messing up.  Fear of people finding out that I am weird (public declaration…View full post »

Beauty All Around

May and June are just spectacular months.  Beauty is all around.  Green is everywhere and blooms are abound.  AfterView full post »

A Little Indy Getaway

My husband has to go to Indianapolis every now and then for continuing education classes for his job, and lucky for EdenView full post »

Better Things

I have a story That is only mine to tell I don’t want to make believe I just need to be myself I have a missionView full post »

I Love Film

I have been knee deep in getting our taxes finished, as I type this my head is pounding and my eyeballs want to pop outView full post »

Finding a Winter Wonderland

I have been working on waking up content every morning. Today was a test to that. I have been longing for spring andView full post »

A Reflection of His Image

I was up late feeding my daughter and sometimes I find myself thinking about big ideas when I am sitting there in theView full post »

All Who Are Weary

My family has managed to stay healthy all winter long….until last week.  The flu has found its way to our houseView full post »

The Light in the Dark

Five weeks into the new year has come with its ups and its downs.  I will blame the low moments on sleep deprivationView full post »

The Day He Turned Two

My Dearest Abram, Can it really be true that two whole years have passed us by?  I’m looking at you this veryView full post »

First Haircut

Last week we took Abram in for his first haircut.  For me it is always a hard decision to cut those sweet little babyView full post »

Documenting Memories { One Line A Day }

I have been anxiously awaiting the new year to start writing in this little journal.  Truth be told I am terrible atView full post »

A New Year { Keeping it Simple and Honest }

The end of another year has come.  Amazing to me as I look back to this time last year and think about how much hasView full post »

When You Were Born { A Letter To Eden }

It was a cold morning, still dark outside as we walked through the hospital doors on November 30th, 2012.  Third baby,View full post »